Why You Need A Solar Battery Storage?

Imagine you’re home on a stormy night, watching TV with the washing machine running, all of a sudden the power goes out and you are in total darkness. But if you have install a solar battery storage for your rooftop solar energy system, then everything can be avoided.

Residential solar energy systems paired with battery storage, or solar-plus-storage systems make up for the deficiency of renewable energy system that counts on solar solely. Here are the benefits of a system with solar battery storage:

Continuous power. If you pay for electricity based on time-of-use, and you don’t have a solar energy system, your electricity at night is likely more costly because of the higher demand on the system. With battery storage, however, you can use electricity produced during the day later on, instead of depending on the utility for power. This is also helpful if you live in an area with frequent power outages.

Budget protection. If your utility increases electricity prices, you can avoid that with a battery. Battery storage lets you use low-cost energy that has already been generated and stored, making sure your prices stay low and don’t affect your monthly budget. In some cases, you can even sell the energy you’re storing to the grid when the prices are higher and make some money.

Better tracking. A solar-plus-storage system can help you to better monitor the energy your system is generating through tracking capabilities, providing a higher level of clarity and accuracy. These systems let you monitor the energy your home is producing and using in real time.

More energy independence. While most places require homes to be connected to their local utility even if they don’t use any electricity from the utility, a solar-plus-storage system takes you closer to “off the grid” status. Battery storage means you don’t have to rely on your utility to provide electricity to your home most days of the year. And you can always keep some battery capacity in backup, so that if the power goes out in your area, your house will be the one with the lights on.

Battery for Solar Battery Storage

High Voltage LiFePO4 Battery is a rechargeble battery used for solar storage system. Use lithium iron phosphate(LiFePO4) as battery cell, which has the longest lifespan and deep cycles than other types of energy storage battery. This solar lithium battery adpots stackable design with easy expansion from 10kWh to 20kWh. Ideal solar battery for residential and commercial energy storage solution.With Multiple communication ports, GroundHV high voltage battery can easily compatible with different brand of solar inverters and chargers. To be our reseller

Solar Battery Storage

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