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Three-Phase Hybrid Inverter-SIH Series

SIH is a hybrid inverter for solar power system that have high power demands and complex wiring configurations that converts the direct current (DC) electricity generated by the solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity that can be used by the grid or the load. SIH hybrid solar inverter  with a wide range of MPPT Voltage and compatible with single-phase load and three-phase load.  Supports 100% unbalanced load. The maximum efficiency of this hybrid solar inverter can reach 97.9%.  Combining functions of off grid and on grid, SIH 3-phase hybrid inverter can power all kinds of appliances in home or office. Paired with GroundHV Lithium-ion Solar Rechargeable Battery to offer a self-sufficient energy storage solution for homeowners.

  • Support UPS mode for the important loads when power off.
  • IP65 protection, low noise <35dB due to no external cooling fans.
  • Support diesel generator access.
  • Support full power discharge, automatic management of battery charge and discharge.
  • 360 degree inbuilt protection.
  • Input power source priority can be set by users.
  • Supports RS485/CAN/SNMP/4G/GPRS/Wi-Fi for intelligent commnunication and monitoring.

Technical Specifications

Technical specificationR8KH3R10KH3R12KH3
Input (PV)
Max. DC voltage(V)1000
MPPT voltage range(V)180~850
Max.input current of single MPPT(A)12.5
MPPT tracker/strings2/12/12/1
AC output
Rated output power(kVA)8.81113.2
Max. output current(A)12.715.919.1
Grid voltage/range(V)400/360~440
Frequency (Hz) 50 /60
Power factor0.8lagging-0.8leading
AC output topology3W+N+PE
Battery voltage range(V)125~600
Max. charging voltage(V) 600
Full battery voltage(V)210270250
Max. charge/discharge current(A)404050
Battery typeLithium /Lead-acid
Communication InterfaceCAN/RS485
EPS output
Rated power(kVA)8.81113.2
Rated output voltage(V)400
Max. output current(A)12.715.919.1
Rated frequency(Hz)50 /60
Automatic switching time(ms)<20
Overload capacity110%, 30S/120%, 10S/150%, 0.02S
Battery charge /discharge efficiency96.60%96.70%96.80%
DC Max. efficiency97.90%98.20%98.20%
Europe efficiency97.20%97.50%97.50%
MPPT efficiency99.50%99.50%99.50%
Ingress protectionIP65
Noise emission(dB)<35
Operation temperature-25℃~60℃
Relative Humidity0 ~95%(non-condensing)
Altitude2,000m (>2,000 Derating)
Dimensions W * D * H(mm)530*200*600
Isolation transformerNo
Display and communication
Yes/ Opt/ Opt/ Yes/ Yes
Safety standardIEC/EN62109-1/-2, IEC/EN62477-1
EMCIEC/EN 61000-6-1, IEC/EN 61000-6-3
On-gridEurope:EN50549-1, Germany:VDE4105/0124,UK:G99,South Africa:NRS097-2-1:2017
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