All-in-one ESS vs. Split ESS

Energy storage is the technique that stores the excess electricity for later use, usually consists of the battery, inverter and other PV components.

Classification of household energy storage system(ESS)

Currently in the market, household energy storage systems can be mainly divided into optical and storage integrated machines and split energy storage systems according to different levels of integration according to different household needs.

All-in-one energy storage system: It is an integrated system that places the solar  inverter, battery and controller inside. It has been assembled with brackets, cables and other accessories and can be installed and used directly. There are generally three working modes: solar priority mode, AC (mains) priority mode, and SE priority mode (peak-shifting power consumption mode).

This kind of energy storage system can adjust the number of batteries and inverters as needed, and has high flexibility.

Split energy storage system: The battery and inverter of the household split machine are installed separately. The user can match the household energy storage inverter according to his own needs.

In addition, it can be matched with a switching power supply or an inverter as a backup power supply.

Generally, it includes four types: hybrid home photovoltaic + energy storage system, coupled home photovoltaic + energy storage system, off-grid home photovoltaic + energy storage system, and photovoltaic energy storage energy management system.

Comparison between All-in-one ESS and Split ESS

Pros and cons of All-in-one ESS

  • Highly integrated, easy to install and maintenance
  • Less space occupation
  • Less costs
  • Less soft costs
  • Insufficient expansion capability and limited storage capacity
  • Poor heat dissipation performance, not suitable for long-term high-load operation
  • The operating system and storage space cannot be upgraded.
  • Little adjustability and poor flexibility

Pros and cons of Split ESS

  • Large storage capacity and strong scalability
  • good heat dissipation performance, suitable for long-term high load operation
  • Upgrade-able operating system and storage space
  • Good flexibility, can meet some personalized needs
  • Installation and maintenance are more cumbersome
  • Appearance is bulky and takes up a lot of space
  • The price is relatively high

Recommendation of All-in-one ESS

RPS Series Energy Storage System (ESS) is an all-in-one solution, integrating off grid solar inverter and LiFePO4 battery into one unit. With rated power 5KW and 10KW. ESS solar system offers an economical and self-sufficiency solution to power home appliance by storing excess clean energy during the daytime.

Recommendation of Split ESS

In Conclusion

Each energy storage system has its pros and cons. If you still confused about choosing the suitable energy storage systems (ESS), free to contact us! SVC Energy is one of the leading expert in providing one-stop energy solutions. Stock available in EU.

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