Are hybrid inverters right for your solar system?

We all know that an inverter is the component in solar system that converts the DC power from the panels into AC power that suitable for most home appliances. The solar inverter could be divided into, off-grid solar inverters, solar hybrid inverters and grid-tie inverters. Most families in European tend to choose the hybrid inverter. But are the hybrid inverter really right for your rooftop solar? Keep reading.

What is a solar hybrid inverter?

As its name implies, the solar hybrid inverter is an equipment integrated a solar inverter and a battery inverter into a single unit. It allows the hybrid inverter to intelligently handle power coming from your solar panels, solar batteries and the utility grid all at a time.

This type of solar inverter can covert the DC power generated from PV panels to AC power for home appliances. At the mean time, the hybrid inverters allow to send the excess electricity generated to the utility grid.

The process of converting the DC electricity that is stored in your solar battery storage into AC electricity that can be used by your home is managed by a battery inverter.

photo of three phase hybrid inverter

Advantages of hybrid inverters

More Flexible in Power Supply

The hybrid inverters make it possible to power your home with the built-in battery. It can store the excess power to the solar battery. The hybrid inverter has the functions of grid-connected, off-grid and battery storage at a time.

Don’t worry about the sudden power shortage.

Easy storage system installment

Adding a storage battery to the existing solar system may be an expensive investment. However, hybrid inverters has the in-built storage battery at the beginning. It is easy to add one or more storage batteries.

Disadvantages of hybrid inverters

Higher Costs

The installation of hybrid inverters is more expensive than traditional solar inverters. If the area you living in has frequent power shortage, and you may want to add the storage equipment in the future, then investing the hybrid inverters may cost higher.


The hybrid inverter may incompatible with some solar batteries.

Are hybrid inverters worth it?

In conclusions, hybrid inverters make it possible to eliminate the shortcomings of on-grid inverters and off-grid inverters. The hybrid inverters have better performances. It support storage the excess power to battery for later use.

Although hybrid inverters cost higher, it is worthy to invest from long term. Hybrid inverters can help you reduce your dependence on the grid, lower your carbon footprint, enjoy advanced monitoring tools, and increase your power generation.

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Are hybrid inverter right for your solar system?

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