Battery Energy Storage Systems: 5 Tips before Installation

There is no doubt that the battery energy storage systems(BESS) have been highly favoured by many households, because of the stable power supply and lower costs of electricity. However, before the installation, a professional custom protocol is necessary or otherwise the battery energy storage system cannot yield the greatest returns on investment.

When selecting battery energy storage systems, please take the following notifications:

01 Match your household electricity needs to the storage capacity of energy storage systems

It is necessary to calculate clearly the immediate, short-term and long-term electricity demand of the household.

02 All-in-one energy storage inverter or split energy storage system (storage battery plus solar inverter)?

There are 2 major types on residential battery energy storage systems, all-in one energy storage machine and split energy storage machine (battery plus inverter).

All-in-one energy storage inverter combines solar inverter, controller and storage battery into one unit. Equipped smart LCD screen to monitor the working mode. Normally support solar priority/AC priority/SE priority.

Energy Storage battery plus solar inverter, as the namely implies, the solar inverter and energy storage battery are installed separated. Generally, it includes four types: hybrid Solar + energy storage system, coupled Solar+ energy storage system, off-grid Solar + energy storage system, and photovoltaic energy storage energy management system.

Each energy storage system has its advantages, if you are the users with large power consumption and high electricity costs, the all-in-one energy storage system is much more suitable. It is easy to configure the battery for different electricity needs.

The comparison of split energy storage system and all-in-one energy storage system, read here.

03 A-Grade LiFePO4 battery is highly recommended

The lithium battery with cycles of 6,000 times, DOD >90%, lifespan is 10 years or more, which is more safe and durable.

04 Smart Energy monitoring system

Products equipped with APP monitoring + intelligent energy management can not only realize energy interconnection, but also enable one-click settings and real-time online monitoring to ensure the safety of product use.

05 Choose the one-stop energy storage solution supplier

The installation, operation and maintenance of the residential energy storage systems need very high professional requirements. One-stop energy solution supplier can largely save the troubles during the process.

In Conclusion

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