Best Solar Inverter for Home

Solar energy is one of the most abundant and clean sources of power available on the planet. However, to harness this energy and use it in your home, you need a device that can convert the direct current (DC) electricity produced by the solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity that can power your appliances. This device is called a solar inverter. In this blog post, I will recommend the best solar inverter for home usage for you.

Types of Solar Inverters

There are various varieties of solar inverters available, each tailored to a distinct set of circumstances:

String Inverters

String Inverters are the most common and simplest type of inverters. They connect a series of solar panels into a single circuit, and convert the DC power from the panels into AC power at a central location. They are easy to install and maintain, but they can suffer from power losses due to shading or mismatched panels.


Microinverters are small inverters that are installed on each solar panel and convert the DC power into AC power at the source. They can maximize the power production and reliability of the system by eliminating the dependency and interference between the panels. They also allow for panel-level monitoring and management

Power Optimizers

Power optimizers are often employed in tandem with string inverters. This helps improve solar panel efficiency under adverse circumstances. Prior to being sent to the string inverter, the DC output of each panel is maximised.

Hybrid Inverters

Hybrid inverters are inverters that can support both solar and battery inputs and outputs. They can integrate the solar panels and the batteries into a single system, and manage the flow of power between them and the grid. They can reduce the complexity and cost of the system by eliminating the need for multiple inverters and controllers.

Smart Inverters

These inverters can communicate with the grid and perform various grid support duties. In order to maintain grid stability, they may modify their output and offer continuous monitoring data.

What Size Inverter for Home Do You Need?

The size of the inverter for your home depends on the total power consumption of the appliances you want to run on it. You can calculate the power consumption by adding up the wattage of each appliance and multiplying it by a safety factor of 1.25 to account for any surge or inductive loads For example, if you want to run a laptop (150W), a TV (150W), a small fridge (75W), and a fan (65W), the total power consumption would be:

(150 + 150 + 75 + 65) x 1.25 = 550W

Therefore, you would need an inverter that can handle at least 550W of continuous power. The inverter size is usually expressed in VA (volt-ampere), which is the product of the voltage and the current. To convert from W to VA, you need to divide by the power factor of the inverter, which is a measure of its efficiency. A typical power factor for an inverter is 0.8, so the required VA rating of the inverter would be:

550 / 0.8 = 687.5 VA

This means you would need an inverter with a VA rating of at least 687.5 VA, or roughly 0.7 kVA. However, it is advisable to choose an inverter with some extra capacity to avoid overloading or overheating. A 1 kVA inverter would be a good choice for this example.

Best Solar Inverter for Home

Best Solar Inverter for Home

SVC Three Phase Hybrid Inverter – SIH

SIH is a three phase hybrid inverter for home energy storage system. This energy solar inverter with a wide range of MPPT Voltage. Combining functions of off grid and on grid. This hybrid solar inverter can power all kinds of appliances in home

  • Support UPS mode for the important loads when power off.
  • IP65 protection, low noise <35dB due to no external cooling fans.
  • Support diesel generator access.
  • Support full power discharge, automatic management of battery charge and discharge.
  • 360 degree inbuilt protection.
  • Input power source priority can be set by users.
  • Supports RS485/CAN/SNMP/4G/GPRS/Wi-Fi for intelligent communication and monitoring.

SVC All-in-one Solar Inverter – Stacked RPS

Stacked ESS series energy storage system is an stacked all-in-one home energy solution, which stacks an inverter and battery modules together.

Easy to move and install.Quick connector between boxes, NO Cable Seat & plug design。This energy storage solar inverter offer an economical and self-sufficiency solution to power home appliance or equipment by storing excess clean energy during the daytime.

This battery energy storage system also comes with a built-in WIFI/Bluetooth function, users can monitor and operate system performance anytime and anywhere by mobile. Compact and floor installation offers the flexibility.

Top Solar Inverter Company

SVC Energy is one of the leading solar inverter companies. The headquater is set up in China and the warehouse is available in German.

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