How to select Home Energy Storage Systems?

Storing the excess power from solar system for later use has become an increasingly popular way for home and small business. That is what we call the home energy storage systems, as known as battery energy storage systems(BESS) consisting of the rechargeable battery (Lithium ion battery or lead-acid battery in general), storage inverter, and smart charge controller system.

Is home energy storage systems worth to invest?

You will never get the standard answer of this question. To evaluate if the home energy storage system is worthy to invest should be from the aspect of the costs and practicability. For example, if your house have already set up a solar system, and you want to store the exceed energy generated for the current solar panels, then used at night. It will not only reduce the costs of electricity bill, but also greatly improve the efficiency of the solar energy system.

In addition to that, home energy storage systems is another investment to sell the power to your local main utility. All in all, the value of installing energy storage systems is saving the loss when the sudden power shortcut.

How to select home energy storage systems?

If you have already decided to purchase the home energy storage systems, you might confused about how to choose the suitable one? Here are 5 key ingredients for reference,

Capacity of home energy storage systems

The capacity storage systems decide how many electricity can be stored, measured in kWh. In general, home energy storage systems is range from 5kW to 15kW. the larger capacity, the more excess electricity can be used to handle sudden situation

After-sale service of manufacturer

Make sure the after-sale services supported by the manufacturer, such as maintenance period, commonly between 5-10 years.

Enviromental conditions

If the temperature, waterproof level and humidity of energy storage system suits your house circumstance.

Efficiency of the home energy storage systems

There is no doubt that parts of energy will be lost during the conversion of DC to AC. The loss is between 10%-20%. In other word, the DC to AC efficiency should be around 80% to 90%.

Depth of discharge

SVC Energy Home Energy Storage Systems

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