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Battery Energy Storage Systems, or BESS, are rechargeable batteries that can store energy from different sources and discharge it when needed. BESS consist of one or more batteries and can be used to balance the electric grid, provide backup power and improve grid stability.

There various types of residential solar batteries, the lead-acid battery/Lithium-ion battery/saltwater battery.

Among the three, lithium-ion batteries are the best option for a solar panel system, though other battery types can be more affordable.  Learn GroundHV Series High Voltage Battery, click here.

High-voltage battery systems are a more recent development in the world of home solar battery backup, usuaslly rated at more than 100V. These powerful batteries can charge and discharge faster than low-voltage ones.

Certain inverters use low voltage (12, 24, or 48v) batteries and others use high voltage batteries (100v +). Low-voltage batteries are 60% efficient, whereas high-voltage batteries are 97% efficient.

The Single phase inverter is the most common type of inverter used in residential and small commercial applications. Single Phase inverters  relies on two wire conductors to distribute power, which create a single sine wave (low voltage).

The 3-Phase inverter is commonly used in commercial PV or professional sites. Three phase power relies on three coils mounted on the rotor at 120 degree intervals, which produce three sine wave voltages (high voltage). It’s used universally for power distribution.

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A high voltage battery is a battery that has a higher power density and voltage than a standard battery. High voltage batteries are usually used for transportation and storage of power for supplying high currents for many hours. High voltage batteries can have different voltage levels, depending on the type, size, and application of the battery.

For example, a high voltage battery for an electric vehicle can have a voltage range of 192 to 800 volts, while a high voltage battery for an energy storage system can have a voltage range of 345 to 1100 volts.

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