String Inverter Guide: Pros and Cons

Inverters is one of the core components of solar panel power system – to convert DC power to AC power. Although there are many types of solar inverters available in the market, string inverter are one of the most popular and oldest options for rooftop solar.

What are string inverters and How they work?

String inverters are typically installed on the simple and unshaded roofs for residential solar systems. A string inverter is connected to multiple strings of solar panels, in order word, aggregating the power output of groups of solar panels into “string”. The electricity generated by a string of solar panels is sent to the inverter, where it’s converted to AC current and sent to your home appliances.

String solar inverters work by connecting groups of solar panels in series, forming “strings”. The output of each string is then combined and fed into a single inverter, where the DC electricity is converted into AC electricity.

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Pros of String Inverter

String inverter is reliable with the longer and more mature technique.

One of the biggest benefits of string inverters are easy-to-troubleshoot. When there is an issue happened, you only to check the string inverter rather than get on the roofs.

The string solar inverter is cheaper than other inverter options.

Cons of String Inverter

String inverters are easily affected by shading and panel mismatch that can reduce the overall system performance. Thus, the string inverter installation requires the location without shading and full of sunshine (or paired with power optimizer to improve the efficiency).

The opposite site of the simple system design, if the string inverter fails, the entire solar system stops working. Besides, it may not be compatible with the future upgrades or expansion of the solar system.

Are string solar inverters better to your solar system?

Generally, there is on definitive answer whether string inverter suits your home solar better or not. It depends on several factors like roof layouts, shading issues, system size, budget and performance preferences.

If your roofs is simple and unshaded and all the panels are able to perform at a similar level, choosing string inverters might be the economical option for your solar power system.

Best Solar Inverter Manufacturers

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