SVC Energy Launches Residential Hybrid Inverters for European Market

SVC Energy, the leading Provider of Energy solution, says its new hybrid inverters are suitable for high voltage and low voltage configurations.

SVC Energy has unveiled new residential hybrid inverters for the European market, SIH Series 3-phase hybrid solar inverter. This upcoming solution is equipped with a built-in backup function, purposefully designed to seamlessly integrate with the brand’s unique batteries

Best Residential Hybrid Inverter for European Market

The SIH energy storage inverter is compatible with single-phase load and three-phase load. This 3-phase hybrid inverter device combines the batteries with capacities of 8.8 kWh, 11kWh and 13.2kWh, and hybrid inverters with 8 kW 10kW and 12 kW. The maximum efficiency can reach 97.9%. With this solution, the 3-phase hybrid inverters are designed to increase energy independence for homeowners.

photo three phase hybrid inverter
bottom of sih energy storage inverter

Find more infomations about this energy storage inverter here. If you want to become one of our partners, contact us.

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