Unveiling 3 Common Types of Battery Energy Storage System

Home solar battery energy storage system is the one-stop energy solution that combing solar inverter and energy storage into one unit. One of the greatest advantages is that the excess electricity can be stored by the built-in battery for later use. There are three common types of battery energy storage system (BESS)

Including lithium-iron battery energy storage system, lead-acid battery energy storage system, and lithium titanate battery energy storage system.

Types of lithium-iron battery energy storage system

The energy storage system using lithium-iron battery is one of the most common solution in residential BESS. Lithium-iron battery has the advantages of large power capacity, high-temp resistance, long lifespan, high efficiency in discharging and charging as well. It can meets the daily electricity consumption and storage demand for most families.

However, the energy storage system with lithium iron battery costs higher than other two BESS types and occupies larger space.


Types of lead-acid battery energy storage system

The energy storage system using lead-acid battery is the traditional solar BESS. It has high reliability and low costs. Lead-acid battery energy storage system can easily adapts to various environment, especially for the remote area and places where lack of stable electricity utility.

However, lead-acid energy storage systems have low energy density and small capacity, and cause certain pollution to the environment.

Types of lithium titanate energy storage system

The energy storage system using lithium titanate is an emerging household solar energy storage system. It has the advantages of high energy density and high efficiency.

The system uses high-performance batteries, which can realize long-term charge and discharge, and have better service life and battery cycle performance.

The cost of lithium titanate energy storage system is relatively high, and the temperature and voltage need to be strictly controlled during use.

In conclusion

Each type of battery energy storage system(BESS) has its pros and cons. If you are wondering how to choose the suitable one for your residential BESS, welcome to contact us.

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